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mijn email naar etoro

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Dear Albert,


Than you for your reply.


I can assure you that we take matters of this nature very seriously, and do take your feedback very seriously.


As per my previous email sent, this matter is now being reviewed and discussed by the senior management team.


Regarding your withdrawals, all 3 withdrawal requests opened yesterday, 28.12.20, have been approved and the funds are in process to your bank account via wire.


As soon as I receive a reply from the senior management team, we will reach out to you with an update.


We thank you for your patience during this time.


Kind Regards,




From: albert smit <>
Sent: Tuesday, 29 December 2020 11:37
To: eToro | Account Manager - Nimi Horev <>
Subject: Re: Forced sale of crypto portfolio


Dear Nimi


I hope Etoro takes my complaints serious, because i am a honeybadger if it goes about not treating clients rightfully, and i think this is the case with Etoro. If this problem is not treated satisfyingly Etoro leaves me no other choice than to take legal action, i am in contact about this case with stichting Sobi of Pieter Lakeman, and i will tell you thats going to be bad publicity in the Netherlands about Etoro.


And please make a hurry with refunding my money to my bank account, i think Etoro ows me that.


Best regards


Albert Smit


From: eToro | Account Manager - Nimi Horev

Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2020 10:07 AM

To: albert smit

Subject: RE: Forced sale of crypto portfolio


Dear Albert,


Thank you for your email and for your feedback.


I have already forwarded this feedback to senior management to review.


As soon as I have received a reply back regarding your feedback provided, we will get in contact with you with an update.


We thank you for your patience during this time.


Kind Regards,




From: albert smit <>
Sent: Tuesday, 29 December 2020 10:54
Subject: Forced sale of crypto portfolio


Dear Nimi Horev


I send you this email, because of the fact that i am preparing a law suit against Etoro and need to make a statement why i think Etoro is guilty of misleading me for not telling me that Etoro did not, or ( not in time) have taken actions to comply with the new regulations, from the Dutch government and de Nederlandse bank.


On the 21th of may 2020 these new regulations were a fact, and exchanges like Etoro had a period of 6 months to reply to these new rules, so that they could keep offering crypto to their Dutch customers.


Instead Etoro did nothing with this new laws (or not in time), but still kept offering crypto trade to customers from the Netherlands, not telling them that they would have a problem in the near future.


Because the problem is that complete portfolios have to be sold before the 21th of january 2021, and before the 31th of december there are also restrictions.


Etoro sends a email on the 28th of december with all these facts, 3 days before some of the implications getting effect??


So Dutch customers are losing money because of Etoros actions, or actions Etoro had to do, but didnt do.


In my case i had to sell 330.000 ADA coins ( cardano) and 40 Ethereum coins and 0.5 Bitcoin for a total ammount of circa $ 92.000.-


Still Etoro is charching fees for these forced sales, and i want those fees back approximately 4% of $ 92.000.,- = $ 3.680.- selling fees and $ 3.680.- buying fees.


Subtotal $ 7.360.,-


Than the next problem: Cardano ADA i had to sell on the 28th of december 2020 price approximately $ 0.16.- the day after this forced sell cardanos ADA price is $ 0.18,5 a difference of $ 0.2050 cent times 330.000 coins = $ 8.250,-


I ask for Etoro to refund the ammount of fees of $ 7.360.,- and lost profit because of the actions of Etoro of $ 8.250,- , so in total $ 15.610.,-


The withdrawel of my funds are still pending on Etoro, (takes days) and if my sold cryptos are gaining in price the next few days and i am not able to use this funds to buy back my crypto on a legal exchange who did their job proffesionaly with the Dutch law, i will also claim these losses at Etoro.


If i dont get a reaction on my claim before the 6th of january 2021, i will take legal actions against Etoro.


Best regards


Albert Smit




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